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Prepare Yourself

Nice just thought the last movie was a bit more humorish..

I love the 'Ike Scene' it was the best

nice work at least just dont try too hard but anyway 8/10 video and I do hope there isnt a 3rd one coming out..

hello friend! :D

interesting video make it into more of a story than random FPS alright nice movie though

Hello! :D

I would give graphics a 10 and the style a 10 but you need color...it would of gave it more depth but very good with the animation and you have it the way the animators whom created just like it when Ren has his eyes look to him really perfect animation and I cant say flawless but it did miss things but hopefully you'll go back and redo the frames while adding color :D I would vote 10 for all and Ren and Stimpy is a nice toon so I'll just end this with wow nice flash bro :D

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hi :P

hey how come you didnt tell me you had this out already! im your number 1 fan and you have one sexy flash here! I love your flash work and keep making more. Your drawings are so cute for the girls I wish I can draw women like you in flash anyway the whole flash is good :D

10's and favorited :D

Bomee responds:

thank u :) u've always been the best :)

Hello good buddy! :D

good flash I havent seen any Madness flashes on here yet cause I thought they looked stupid but this looks fun but next time make a game like "thing thing arena" you'll get a score of 4 or maybe higher! fav'ed and a good score all to a nice NG user like me You also have good taste in songs and music!-DDVX

ACE-Corn responds:


mu ha ha ha ha

I love the music and game play seems very good I get into these kinds of games! 10's and on my favorites. All a good fright :D

Hey everyone if you all ever need help on flash PM or send me a message at Digibrett21701@aol.com I also love Resident Evil 4. If anyone wants to talk go ahead and write to me I have a good rep on Newgrounds

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